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Gaining 'too quickly'

Almost four weeks ago I was admitted to hospital for anorexia. I was so dehydrated I was collapsing & I could hardly walk. My bmi was 12.5.

Now I'm discharged and I've gained 4 kilos which I'm grateful for, because this has saved my life, but I'm still gaining a kilo a week and I'm finding it so difficult to cope. I've got another 13 kilos to gain just to be a healthy weight and it's all so daunting. I feel like I'm eating too much but I'm only having 1300-1500. I'm stressed and I don't know why I'm gaining so fast.

Any advice for coping with all this? Thank you.

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Great that you've gained weight and continue to do so steadily - don't give up please as your health and recovery are so important and you're doing so well.

I suggest you talk to the hospital or your GP and get some counselling support in place - its so hard to keep the recovery going alone - having been supported during the hospital stay - you can also visit ABC website and see if you can get a befriender - they are very supportive and I am sure would help you.


Thank you :)

I've contacted the wellbeing service and should be seeing them in the upcoming weeks. I find weight gain so difficult to cope with but I know I have to continue to stay out of hospital.

And I definitely won't give up - I've come too far to lose this weight and land myself in hospital again. Thanks for the reply :)


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