scared of letting the ED go . It keeps me safe and makes me feel vulnerable without it

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  • I understand gentleheart how ED has become a part of you. Something that you alone have control over in your life. This is such a deep seated issue which requires professional help in understanding the thinking behind this. I wish I knew. When I ask my daughter she responds much like you do, it's all she knows after 7 years. I wish you comfort, I wish you well. x

  • I know its so ingrained was learnt as a child as a coping strategies I think through a lot of hard work in counselling maybe I will start to believe the worlds a safe place again x

  • gentleheart, there is usually a story behind ED. For my daughter, she was a foster child who was left to defend for herself in a crib by rocking. From rocking it went to defiance and from defiance to eating disorder. That was her way of dealing with an unsafe world. Even though I adopted her, she carried the baggage with her. x

  • I totally understand that my ed was created because my mother and step dad were extremely unstable and I grew never knowing when the nx screaming matches would be and when my mum would take her rage out on me. I'm 36 now had this since I wad 10. Don't know how to function in a Normal relationship x

  • it says it keeps you safe but does it really ? no it doesn't it is a liar and a thief it stole your life - get rid

  • it has a place when you need other as a child in an unsafe environment but not now

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