Binge eating getting serious

In the last few months, my binge eating and purging is getting serious. It has become a daily occurrence.

Last year I lost so much weight I stopped getting my periods, but that was through restricting food rather than making myself sick. Stopping menstruating scared me into eating more, and I had a good few months of recovery and healthy eating.

I don't know what has shifted but I've started binge eating and making myself throw up regularly. It's more of a compulsive habit than I way of loosing weight. Not wanting to gain weight explains the purging but I'm at a loss as to why I'm binge eating.

I feel like I'm working my way through all the eating disorders. Returning to restricting food feels like the obvious way to stop the binge/purge habit, but I know that's a dangerous route.

I'm looking into some self administered CBT. I've found a good book that might help. Anyone have any experience in this area?

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  • My experience follows you - a period of restricting - then when I started eating again it became binging. Suggest a trip to the GP is probably a starter - as you are making yourself sick this can lead to physical complications and long-term damage - so its important you get help now - you need support from an ED professional - I tried to do it alone - books are great - but usually you need more than this to get through it and resolve the underlying issues - suggest you look at ABC/BEAT websites too for information - you can also ring the helplines for more support - but don't be alone in this - and do get help asap before things spiral even further out of control.

  • As crazzycrossstitcher don't have to do this on your own...

    Also see if you have OA in your area. The 12 steps have helped change my life .

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