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Worrying pressure on my chest and severed dizzyness

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HI Everyone, i'm new to the forum and i have a problem that hopefully someone can help me with. I have had Bulimia for at least 10 years now and it has developed to the point that is has taken over my life. I took the decision a month back to try to change my life and get back on track, that obviously meant to stop purging and to start eating a well balance diet. I'm now a month in my new start and haven't purged but i have noticed i'm terribly bloated, i'm having extreme tightness around my chest in the evening and throughout a lot of the day i feel very dizzy. I have read online that the bloating is due to your stomach struggling to digest the food because it has been so used to bringing it back up and has not had to do it for years so the food foments on the stomach causing gas, i can deal with the bloating but the tight chest and the feeling like i'm going to pass out is worrying, does anyone else have an idea what that could be?

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Not meaning to sound patronising, and trust me am not being but is it related to anxiety. Like your difficulty in eating a more balanced diet without the purging. Even if u don't think you are,subconsciously you could be struggling with the anxiety surrounding this new approach to food. Also maybe it could be to the bloating and some water retention ....not medically qualified but I know I had very similar symptoms I started to reintroduce food,the anxiety, bloating,water retention in muscles. I hope this reassures you a little and keep on trying x

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Ohh I'm sure it's related to anxiety because I have suffered with anxiety for a number of years, and I think that has been the reason my binge and purge cycle has become out of control. Binging and purging offers some relief from the anxiety and worry I have a lot of the time.

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I hope I didn't offend. I too have severe anxiety and depression. Was only hospitalised just before Christmas again so I wasn't asking blind. Am struggling severely with the anxiety and stuff which is making my anorexia worse and am going to court end of this month as I am now too unwell to look after my little boys aged 10yrs and 8 yes. So I was trying to offer support and understanding rather than assuming

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You certainly didn't offend me so don't worry, I agree with everything you said completely. Anxiety is the root cause for all my problems I think and binging and purging was a brief relief from the constant grind.

I think I understand why I have been abusing my body for so long I'm just concerned as to what damage I have done because recovery really makes you feel awful, I'm bloated constantly and the pressure across my chest and dizziness is very alarming. I hope you can recover like I'm trying to, if we are strong I'm sure we can both get through this. Xx

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Thanks. Its a never ending battle isn't it. One that demands massive strength to fight. Am sure ,as you say that we can get through this...even if its at a minute at a time. Hope you are feeling somewhat better ? Hugs xx

I get this too, I do have severe anxiety so I can confirm that anxiety does indeed cause the chronic chest pain, my chest always hurts, its always tight and aggravating! As for the dizziness, could this be related to you not eating enough?

Obviously I cant be sure, I am bulimic and I also restrict severely!

normally about 500 calories a day,

When I stand up I lose my vision and feel like the room is spinning!

Is this what you mean by dizziness?

About a month ago I started eating a little more

I was eating about 300 cals and purging also!

When I increased on the cals and stopped purging I can horrible stomach pains and feelings of nausea :/

You probably just have a mixture of anxiety and eating disorder related symtoms!

Hi Harley,

The chest pains I have are as if there is a heavy weight sat on my chest, it's doesn't hurt in a purticular spot it just feel like uncomfortable pressure along my chest, also it's been hard to breath as if lungs are being restricted. My first though was due to the bloating my stomach and intestines are swollen and pushing against my lungs because I pony seem to feel like this in the evenings after I have eaten during the day but in the morning I feel fine, just a guess really.. I think you right about the anxiety because I have suffered for as long as I can remember with anxiety, I haven't spoken to anyone with a eating disorder who hasn't had anxiety, I guess we all use it as an escape from reality for that short period. I hope you are the road to recovery yourself and if your still struggling like me you have my sympathies, but I'm sure we can do it...

Yeah you're right! See you know what's going on underneath it all, underneath the anxiety and worry finds clarity and you and I both know why we are feeling this way 🖤 Always here if you need a chat!

I totally agree with previous replies the pain is anxiety because you are trying to eat again but so worried/scared about putting on weight . I was bulimic for 4yrs and dropped to 7stone I looked awful but thought I looked so fat . Now I have turned to alcohol and put on 2 stone it's a total mind f**k I need to lose the weight but sick of this daily struggle. Please stay strong and get the proper help you need and remember you are not alone xxx

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I've had weight issues all my life and anxiety has been a constant issue for as long as I can remember, I think I've used the binging and purging as a relief from the anxiety, when I'm binging my worries elaps for a short time, obviously then the anxiety kicks in because I need to clear my stomach and then as sure as night is day I then need to binge again to relive the anxiety. I'm trying my best to break the cycle but the effect are horrible at the moment because I'm bloated most of the day and in the evening I have a pain across my chest and I feel terribly dizzy. Hopefully it will pass and I can get through it. All the best and I hope you manage to get a handle on your problems. Xx

Please don't give up. We must belive we can do it. I am on my 37 binge- purge free day after 14 years of nightmare.

It can be anxiety for sure. But chest heaviness and difficulty breathing can be from other issues as well, like digestive problems. I stopped this horrible cycle out of fear because of these symptoms. Had check-ups with every possible doctor, pulmonologist, asthma, rheumatologist, cardiologist, neurologist, CT scans, blood tests etc and finally gastroendoscopy revealed a wound on my aesophagus, on the sphincter which closes the stomach, under the rib cage is inflamed. Hard to belive this can give you such symptoms but it does. Your might be caused by your starting to eat again, which is hard on your stomach. Try some digestive enzymes, antacids and see if it gets better. It might or might not be that. And have your heart checked please, ed damages your heart +electrolyte balance which is very dangerous. Just my 2 cents. We won't give up our recovery, isn't it? I know it will get better.

Hugs and strength your way:)*

...Oh, just noticed this post is 2 years old. Guess it doesn't help anymore. How are you? Are you ok?

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