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Help I don't know if I'm developing a eating disorder

I get hungry at meal times and nowadays I'm hungry all the time but I just don't want to eat. Hardly anything is appetizing. I have to force myself to eat. IfiI don't I don't eat. I'll eat when I'm with my friends and family but if I'm by myself and or u have the decision to eat or not I often don't. Please help me I don't know why I'm like this. I know this isn't normal but I don't know why I feel like this. I want to eat but I can't and I have to force myself to eat barely enough to keep me going.

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Suggest you need to talk to someone about this - your parents if you are close enough - a GP or counsellor - a friend. It might be sensible to have your general health checked - especially if you are undereating. Its good you eat with others - and perhaps this might be an approach to help you - try to make sure your with friends/family for as many meals as possible to help you eat - but you do need to talk to a health professional about things and sort out your feelings around food.

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Thank You and I'll try to talk to someone about it.


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