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Recovery part 2

Yesterday I went to my on going dietician appointment and found out I'd put on a ' tiny bit of weight ' ( not mentioning exact amount as I know from experience this can be a trigger cause) and I told everyone I felt so positive about this but at night I broke down and cried and became very depressed and felt hopeless so my boyfriend came to me to make sure I was okay, which helped. Next week I start talking therapy at the outpatient hospital I attend and am very nervous about this.

Sorry for the person question, but can anyone who has recovered explain what it feels like ? Is there a complete recovery that can be achieved?

Thankyou 💓

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Glad you've an understanding boyfriend - I think counselling should help you over some of your feelings - recovery is about gaining weight - but it is also about sorting out the underlying issues around the ED - and helping us to see how the ED controls our thoughts and emotions. You could talk about the depression as they may be able to give you some short term meds to help this. Don't give up the battle and let the ED win - you are worth so much more than that. I found taking small steps was the best approach - adding a little to my diet with a dietician to guide me - it might be slow but gaining weight gradually helped me accept the changes to my body and to my thought process. Good luck

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