Eating disorders and takeaways?

(Sorry for posting so much :) ) This is a strange question, but does anyone else with an eating disorder also still sometimes have takeaways? Sometimes I work nightshifts and wake up the next day and don't want to leave the house (partly due to anxiety and partly due to tireness,) and so I order a small takeaway. However, If I have a pizza I make sure to only eat the cheese of the top and a little of the bread itself or something like that and have a diet fizzy pop and ensure I eat nothing else that day . Is this what anyone else does? Sometimes I feel like a "fraud" because I still eat like that.

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  • Eating a take away like pizza is fine - but restricting yourself to eating the cheese off the top and a little bread is part of the ED - suggest you need to look at this with a counsellor and get some help with the thoughts and feelings you have around food .

  • Thankyou very much :) , yes I shall do that, I'm waiting for the eating disorder team to set up the appointment with the counsellor:)

  • Good luck - great you've taken this step and got support from an ED specialist.

  • Yes i used to but purge afterwards

  • I tried making myself sick last night for the first time ever last night after a takeaways, but only was a little...

  • Please do not resolve to that i am recovering from bulimia and it makes u feel great at first oh i can eat what i want n get rid of it n stay thin but it soon takes over and ruins ur life seek help now i wish u well x

  • I am sorry to hear that, although it is good that you are in recovery and getting help, I wish you all the best :) and thankyou, I am have been diagnosed with anorexia and am waiting to have an appointment with a dietician and therapist and have been given diaries to record my eating and if I binge or purge. I felt upset and haven't told anybody but I shall write down what happened in the diary. X

  • Good luck i wish u well nothing is more important than ur health life is too short x

  • Hi Rubie I am so glad that you have received an official diagnosis... Not the actual fact that you have anorexia but that it means you can finally get the help and support you so desperately need. I can empathise with the takeaway thing. I used to have a vege burger and then puke. At one point it was a garden salad from McDonald's and then I would purge. My vice when I can't relax and am so done in now is wine. I drink it so I can get the effects briefly and then induce vomiting. It's not good,not good at all.And like another said it's all part of the voice of anorexia. Making you think you have failed for even putting the cheese,bread,wine ..whatever it is to your lips let alone allow it to hit your stomach. You aren't having a takeaway, just as much as I am not having a few glasses of wine.. Physically . However your mind tells you different. You need to be totally honest about everything,depriving,purging,allowing. Your feelings and it's not going to be easy by any stretch of the imagination and I truly empathise with you. You have your whole life ahead of you and deserve everything anorexia is stealing from you and so much more. I wish you all the love and strength I have to give . Fight this for you,for your future. Please message me anytime.. And I mean anytime day or night . Huge hugs Rubie xx

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