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Good morning. I had a bad binged last night. I am trying to keep awake and not sleep the entire day. I have an early after lunch appointment that I am trying to stay awake for and not cancel it. I have done so well the last couple of weeks. I personally do not know what to do now. I could use some good tips to get back on the band wagon to start to heal. thank-you kindley.

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Personally i find that when i am trying to 'be good' with food and only eat foods that i perceive to be 'healthy' (dieting without the fancy title) it makes my binges worse. It is better to allow yourself permission to have some of what you want (like if i said "don't think about purple elephants" that's all you can think about...if you say "i'm not going to eat anything unhealthy" it will be all you can think about!) That said...if you are still actively in the binging cycle be very careful about what you have at home to eat. When i was in that state, i couldn't go shopping alone as i would spend far too much money on cake! And whatever you do decide to get, try to make sure you can portion it out...i have a real weakness for cinnabons. They usually come in a box of 4 large ones and are probably about 3000 calories i compromise. I buy the mini versions (come in box of 8-12) but i put them into individual food bags and freeze all but the one i allow myself to eat when i get home. It's almost impossible to binge on something that is frozen solid!

Also, Try to be mindful of not restricting when you're not's common for binge eaters to actually be malnourished and to be eating far less than they should during non-binge times. Try to have 3 meals a day plus too snacks. If your binging is a little out of control...its important to make sure you are not hungry the rest of the time.

I know this advice may sound did to me when my eating disorder specialist first suggested it to me, but she was totally right. Along with talking therapy which helps me deal with the underlying causes, i now no longer binge and don't think about food 24/7.

Hope this helps and you're getting on ok ;)

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Yes it does help me thanks. This Christmas I was thinking a week ago I am not going weigh myself and I am going to try eat normal and when I go to a couple of gatherings hopefully allow myself a couple of treats and not go into binged mode. I do not know if I can do it this Christmas but I am going to try!!. I would love to stop thinking about food. It seems like a dream for me right now I would love to hear from you again and your words of wisdom to live by. thanks again..

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