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Putting an end to binge. How?

Hi everyone,

I've suffered bulimia for 2 years now, and I can't seem to find how to get out of this.

I went to the GP and got refered to a psychologist. I stopped after 3 months of therapy, when I didn't see the point of it. I didn't feel I was taking anything out of this. I went to see a nutritionist once and after I thought I should apply her advice and see how it goes.

I was training for a triathlon at that time, so their advice were sports specific. However my disease was bigger than that, I think that's why I didn't find the help I needed.

Since then my bulimia is getting worse. I used to hinge once a week and that was all, now it's for 2/3 days and I can't be bothered exercising to undo what I did, because I know it's not the right thing to do and the right way to think.

I feel a bit better in the way I think, as I used to think people were judging me every single time I'd step out of home, now, I feel a little less so, however my binge are still here and they prevent me sometimes to go to work, which I hate.

This morning I'm waking up after a weekend long binge, I feel aweful, guilty, useless. My stomach hurts.

I'm seeking help from you guys, I've got a close friend who's trying to help me but it's not working.

I feel alone in this battle, your advice are more than welcome.

Please help me :(

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Firstly you are not alone with your struggles. its good you admit to your problem. Suggest a return to your GP with a request to get "specialist help". |You could also see ABC website for info and email them for a support call back - or ring them - although I know they are in-undated with calls. Secondly - and this is not a solution as you need to look at the issues behind the binges - but maybe a coping mechanism. I found by making meal plans for 3 good meals plus 3 snacks between - then making sure I had activities planned, people to visit, phone calls to make around the main meals I reduced my binging. Hope you get some support soon.

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Thank you! I went to a Food Addict meet up the other day, going to go for a couple of more meetings before I make up my mind but it sounds like a good group support. Had you considered it at the time?


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