Feeling the need to excercise

Hi today has been a constant battle, because ive been used to excersise and have been told to stop my time is empty of anything to do and i cant seem to become involved in anything my heads just not there. Plus when i eat i feel like i need to burn all the calories off i just feel so lost at the moment even though im surrounded by family, the councellosers seem to busy to see me at the min and im just slipping

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  • I know just how you feel - I too find it hard not to cope with eating by exercising - almost paying for eating by exercising I guess - but it is the ED that is making us think that way. I found it helped to find a hobby - mine being card making and cross stitching - that forced me to sit and occupied my mind to stop the thoughts - I also found videoing my favourite films/TV shows - then finding a time when a family member was around to sit with them and just watch helped me to concentrate on something outside my need to exercise before/after a meal - having someone else sitting - and able to just sit and enjoy whatever I was watching has now become part of life - I don't have to always be busy any more - I've re-trained my thinking to almost give me permission to sit and just enjoy - I hope you find someone who can do this alongside you.

  • Yes i need to find something else to occupy me, who do i feel like this? I take every opporunity to walk everwhere. Everything feels hard at the moment

  • I do feel like i always have to be busy keeping active doing physical things how do i train my brain to relax

  • Hi Saraz...we do jigsaw puzzles with my daughter also arrowords are good too. You are right you need to have a distraction from the anorexia voice.Also pamper sessions may work such as pedicures , manicures , face packs

    With love xx

  • Im thinking of buying a jigsaw puzzle if it will help keep me busy, some good ideas thank you. I just keep thinking ill wake up abd be ok one day

  • Baby steps Saraz, it takes time but you will get there xxx

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