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How to get real help?

Hi, I'm new here, so I'm sorry if I'm in the wrong place or something.

I'm 16, and I've been slowly losing weight for a long time, and now my bmi is at 13.6. I see my doctor every week, but she's not worried about my weight loss at all, and when I tell my mum how worried I am, she just says I'm not 'that bad' yet.

The most annoying thing is I'm trying to get help, but I have such a negative view of myself that eating is so difficult. I know I need help but how am I meant to when nobody will take me seriously?

What should I do?

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You've taken the first step and recognised you have a problem - well done - I suggest it might help to look at the ABC or BEAT website - they have helplines you can ring - do you have a school counsellor - perhaps you could talk to them. Its so good you realise you need help - and so disappointing not to be heard - I do so hope someone listens to you and gives you the help and support you need quickly - I know how fast things can spiral out of control and suddenly you reach a crisis point which is so hard to come back from - do keep posting.

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Hi Rose, you are in the right place and please don't apologise xx You have taken the first steps to get support which is great, crazy crosssticher is right anorexia quickly gets you in its grips and things escalate very quickly.Our daughter was diagnosed fairly early on by our GP but she still needed to spend 8 months in an ED hosp.Her recovery continues at home but she needs lots of support and love. We have to keep everything calm all the time and we have distractions after food such as Tv , cuddling , jigsaw puzzles etc. Maybe your could show your mum your replies on here. I would advise her to take this seriously and give you the help and support you need. You cannot do this on you own. With love xxx


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