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Hi. This is a bit of a moan and also praise. I came on this site to both get advise and give advice. What i didnt bank on was someone telling me that im evil and possessed by jesus and an adoptive mother more concerned about herself than her daughter on the brink of death. Anorexia and bulimia are both extremely serious, life threatening and a pain in the ass! I know carers come on here for advice, and rightly too but what i dont understand is they ask for advice on how to help the person with the eating disorder,just to turn round and say i'll see how they are doing next week when the anorexic is close to death. I just really wished that some people were genuine. And yes the carer needs help and support but when they are actually caring. I do apologize if i have affended anyone on here. First to the lady who said i was possessed by jesus and he was making and telling me to starve myself and that it was jesus that made 2 people rape me! Thanks for that and also to a woman who needed help with an anorexic child only to tell me she has no children she just wanted a laugh

another tho who i did genually feel for was a woman with an adoptive child, who now cant be bothered with her because she is now over 16 and dying and adoptive mum so much as said ' let her get on with it i got paid '

Im just glad i havent had to pay fot this privalage and proud to be british. Some of us do actually care and about other people and not themselves

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Hi Hidden ~ I'll just straight jump to it ~ I'm sorry you felt so insulted, rightly so with some of the"creepy" posts on this site. Good on you for being proud of your heritage ~ look at this experience in a different light, you've found you DO have boundaries ~ don't get me wrong I'm as disgusted as you. Saddened really. In life I'vefound sooo many people will not accept nightmares as reality and prefer the blame game and the blame game gets weird and nasty. Hidden please please please don't let those people hurt you, that's their intention, do not let them acheive their intention.

Sometimes I go on the Pain Concern site and there was this absolutely horrible person who was banned from the site recently, apparently the person was going through the whole HU site, changing there gender per forum and making up diseases and saying the most nasty things 😢maybe it's that person???


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