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Anorexia help for a 42 year old

Hi. I have been struggling with anorexia since the age of 9. My mum took me for help at that age but they said i was too young to have an eating disorder and they couldnt help me. At the age of 15 i was worse and took an overdose but again i was told i was was immature, i would grow out of it and even the consultant nurse said i was an immature cow and needed to grow up! The nurse did report him for this tho. Aged 21 with still no help i weighed 4 stone 10 lbs and was told i was too ill for help. Im now 42, had 2 heart attacks, my bones are pretty much cream cracked and now ive been told im too old for help. Weight at the moment is 5 stone 5lbs. Why cant i get the help i need. I live in nottinghamshire which may explain it! I just need some sort of help but not getting any. Please help

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To be an anorexic for such long period of time means you know exactly what you are doing.

Try to contact Clatterbridge hospital. They work with patients who have eating disorders.

I was there myself.


Just out of curiosity what exactly was that comment meant to mean? All anorexics know what they are doing its how to get help and stop doing it that is the problem and what i need help with. If you have nothing contructive to say then pipe down


Personally, I didn't mean hurt you, no way. It's the last thing i would do.

It's just a difference between being anorexic in youth. Many suffers still don't know what this actual word "anorexic"means.For younger ones it's mainly the wish to stay a child as long as possible.But when you are older, you are responsible for yourself and it's getting really hard to get some help.

And I'm sorry for your boy. You have to stay strong for the sake of your future. You are still a young woman.

I've heard smth about "First Steps" in Nottingham. Do you know anything this place?


Hi i apologize for my message i obviously took your comment the wrong way. It is very hard to deal with as ive had anorexia most of my life. I have absolutely no idea what normal eating is for me. Which is really quite ironic as im a trained dietition! But it isnt all about food and weight tho is it. Again im sorry for my outburst earlier and thankyou

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I know exactly what you've been through....

And it's absolutely nonsense "being too old for help. I wanna see this person who told you so. Odious....

I watched myself women who've been recovering with teens alongside.


Hi! dinkyshell ~ Life has moved on, from when you were really young. Those words should never have been said to you ~ and obviously still haunt you. It's no reason to stay in your Eating Disorder hell. If where you live is terrible for Professional Medical Services, is it possible to go somewhere else???

Recovery is going to be soo tough at 42, but it is achievable ~ I reckon the 50year old you, will be smiling at the 42year old you For "doing the hard yards" 😊

Don't give up on yourself. You've posted this, you do want/need change, it's not the end of your story, if you choose to stand up for yourself 💕


Thankyou joolzz. I have been down every avenue possible and i know it will be hard as ive had this for over 33 years. It just got a lot worse lately after my son died. Its nice to know some of you are really nice on here and dont give a sarky reply, so thankyou x


Hey, can't leave it at that, that's horrific about your son...dinkyshell maybe you can attempt Recovery for both of you

All I can do is pray for you to accept, and will 🌺


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