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HOw do you lose weight after failed ED recovery?

I really tried recovery under Drs care I am 55 and I have quit the program because I now have a jelly belly and breasts two cups larger I do not want to weigh under 100 pounds and the Dr and I agreed105 is acceptable For 3 weeks eat500 calories and swim25 laps no weight change and all healthy food salads both fruit and greens on top 2drops of lite red wine dressing soup ,black beans,kidney beans, Rica and a little chopped steak for protein coffee green tea and water rice cakes for snacks yogart parfait a 1/2cup yogart three fresh strawberries 8 blueberries and a sprinkle of granola and sometimes a 0calorie jello cup I have never had weight issues and had three kids and came out of hospital with regular clothes Does anyone have suggestions (I EVEN DO MY DAILY25laps in the rain) I would appreciate some guidance please?

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So firstly, I wouldn't call it a failure, set backs always happen in recovery.

Secondly, the behaviours you have described mean that your eating disorder is very much in control. In yot weight gain, initially the weight goes back into places you don't like but then it spreads out more evenly. Your eating disorder is making you see yourself as fat when you are not. Trust me, I'm having that issue presently.

If you remain below your target weight you will struggle to ever recover. This is because eating disorders always want a bit more. You will also experience much greater weight fluctuations here.

Finally at 500 calories you will struggle to lose weight, let alone survive. Your metabolism slows right down to save energy. If you eat a higher rate of calories then it doesn't have to work so hard.

Keep fighting for recovery and don't let the eating disorder win.

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