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Tips/advice for me to self help?

Hi, im 27, I was bulimic when I was 23. Which I have managed to over come. Partly because I live at home with patents still and if they were to find out I was bulimic I don't think they'd understand and I'd have far worse stress to deal with. I also had therapy got it. Which was canclled half way through due to a message not being passed on correctly and me being to ..... Uncomfortable bringing it back up again with my GP. Any way as I said I was bulimic but managed to stop that side how ever I still panick and binge eat. And it's ruining my life: I beat my self up over it for days after. I don't sleep right and when I get my self out of it, the littlest thing that I feel guilty about kicks it back off again: and I'm back at square one. My weight it creeping up and I'm too worried to go to the doctor about it as I don't want them to think I'm being pathetic, or stupid or exadurating (sorry I can't spell that well) I also go to the gym as much as possible. But I'll eat bad food if I'm with friends and that's one of the biggest things that set it off. Which then makes me think I shouldn't see my friends... They don't know about it and they are all trying to eat healthy and lose weight which actually makes it worse for me too as I feel like I need to be in competition with them to lose weight when I'm putting it on from the binging. My tummy pops out a lot when I do it too. I look like I'm pregnant. I don't want councelling or medication I want a plan and to move forward I just don't know how!

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Fantastic - what courage to beat bulimia - that's a real positive in your life. If you were able I would advise a visit to your GP - as you were part way through your previous treatment this could provide you with a way in - its great that you've beaten the bulimia - but you know yourself that you still have issues around food - so do go back - it is an illness - and we all need GPs etc when we are ill - you've nothing to feel guilty about. You could contact the confidential ABC/BEAT helplines - who support and advise too - they would offer help I know.


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