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I am bulimic and have been since i was 16 i am now 18 and its beginning to kick in the reality of it, my periods have stopped ( i am very small ) i went to my gp who took bloods ran tests etc and asked about my health such as could i be pregnant she then asked if i restrict my self of food or purge - which i do both, however i denied both questions as i was ashamed of what she might think. when i went back the second time once again she asked about the eating disorder all of which i once again denied although I'm not sure if she suspects anything or not . i have been getting better with purging not as often but I'm too ashamed to tell her and can't book another appointment as I've been twice now in one month and i can't bare the thought of telling her and what she may think of me i am very much ashamed of myself. also i couldnt bare my family know it'd be so embarrassing. i don't want the hellp because I'm so obsessed with what i eat and also i don't want to gain weight , please help my someone on what i should do.

Lately i have become sad about it all and its distracting me from more important things in life and Its constantly on my mind.

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Firstly, do not feel ashamed! The sooner you open up about it to somebody you trust, the better you will feel. If you don't feel like seeing your GP, maybe call up a charity helpline? Google, 'Beat' and see what they can do for you. You are not alone! Talking on here is your first step forward! Take care x


Thanks I appreciate your feedback your right i feel so much better opening up to it on here! I'm not sure I'm ready to tell someone in person though


You might prefer calling a helpline? All calls are anonymous and they will do their best to help I'm sure.

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I you really wish help, them you must be honest with yourself and with the GP.

You have to think about this: woman retain calcium just while they are fertile (with periods), so if you already stopped then you are in risk of be sick about osteoporosis early.


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