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So Ive weighed myself 3 time in the last hour or so to see if ive put weight on but I haven't which is a good thing. I was 47kg on wednesday but now im 44kg and yesterday and today I ate so much but im glad ive lost weight I really want to get to my goal weight which is 31kg but people think 31kg is to low but I want to be skinny and thin again im to fat and im a big fat whale. Im not eating tomorrow anyway

Can anyone help or give me any advice in how I can lose more weight without staving myself.

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I think that, while part of you wants to lose weight to 31kg, another part of you wants someone to say enough is enough. There are probably many websites you could have posted this query on and got the advice you are explicitly asking for, but you didn't do that - you posted on a website that offers support for people wanting to get better from eating disorders.

31kg is a very low weight for anyone, and will put you at very high physical risk that could at worst be fatal, at best lead to admission to an eating disorder unit.

From my experience of working with people living with anorexia, Christmas can be a very difficult and challenging time which can lead people to fall into the pit of uncontrollable anorexia. So, I would really encourage you to seek help - both professionally and within your family and friends.

Many people who have had anorexia say that life with it is no life - I would really encourage you to put recovery from it as a top priority for 2016. Good luck!

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PLEASE Trust me you DO NOT want to be 31kg!!! Which is what I weight now! I have suffered with Anorexia for almost 40 years, I am still under the Care of Specialised High-risk Eating Disorder Hospital (Psychiatric .hospital!)

Anorexia almost claimed my life on two occasions in 2012, when I was in Intensive Care with Chronic Pneumonia, Organ Failure and other serious complications with Anorexia!

I was hooked up to a Life Support Machine, all the Staff in Intensive Care, did"nt expect me to make it until the morning?!!!

My wonderful husband had to send for my sons to say "Goodbye!" to me all because of Anorexia!!

I did survive! It happened again last year too!

Anorexia is a cruel insidious,, I am lonely illness. I can"t urge you enough to seek help NOW before it really "gets hold of you!". I would hate for anyone to end up like me?!

I am far too weak to live a "normal!" life, have major health complications, housebound, my husband has had to give up work to Care for me! I was so independent when I was younger and thought I could cope with Anorexia, I thought it was my "Best Friend?!"

Trust me it is NOT it just destroys you and your family, everyone who loves you!

Please ask for some help before you end up on a slippery slide, where there is no-way back!

I wish you all the Luck and best wishes in the world!

Many Blessings XX


anorexia is just like drugs . you will never get enough of it, i know what you want,being skinny and having people tell you that you look nice and fit. you think you can stop once you get into your goal! you cant. evrytime you loose more wight you will see yourself ... i think you know what i mean.

so try to be healthy , im not saying to eat more but dont eat less im sure you are already slim you just dont know it

and it is 2016 so bonne année :)


The issue of ever-decreasing target weights is characteristic of anorexia. Although you haven't shared what your height is, so that we can't work out your BMI, your target weight of 31kg must be very underweight, and we would urge you to abandon it. Being very underweight puts your whole body under strain, affecting your vital organs and bone health. The lower your bone density, the greater your risk will be of stress fractures and osteoporosis.

Most people who contact ABC for help regarding problems with weight have underlying issues that they are coping with - and food becomes the area of control - to begin with, but then the eating problem itself becomes a controlling factor. I'd recommend a little pocket book of ours called "First Steps out of Eating Disorders" by Kate Middleton and Jane Smith, available via our website 'shop' on our home page at This will take you gently through the reasons for the eating problem and give you some suggestions for overcoming the disordered eating and achieving recovery.

ABC has a little pocket book which you might find helpful. It's called "First Steps out of Eating Disorders" by Kate Middleton and Jane Smith, and isavailable via our website 'shop' on the ABC home page at This might be helpful to you in that it takes you gently through the reasons for eating disorders and gives some suggestions for overcoming disordered eating and achieving recovery.

Please feel free to phone the ABC helpline if you would like to speak to someone. The number is 3000 11 12 13, and the helplines are open Monday to Friday from 9.00am to 5.00pm. Information about our helpline can be found at


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