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managing it

you don't recover

you "manage" it

well that sucks

sucks even more when you fought so hard to be free completely to find the things missing in your are...well :(

if you are having a baby....woah

you met someone who makes a difference but...well :(

i don't recommend recovery

you come as far as me and you will know why, most people don't get this far- now i knw why brain said starve!

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Hi there, it's so destructive and depressing when people tell you that you should aim to 'manage' rather than aim for 'recovery'. We know from speaking with thousands of people each year that true recovery can be achieved. Yes it's not easy, or fast and there will be ups and downs along the way.

We would advise people to watch out for vulnerable times and to increase their support at that time, so as not to be tempted back into old coping strategies. There are recovery quotes and real life stories on our website which we hope will be helpful to you

anorexiabulimiacare.org.uk/... and many more on tobehonest.org.uk our blog site.

These are here to encourage you and reinforce just how possible recovery is. Do give us a ring at ABC or email us for some personal support. 03000 11 12 13

Team ABC


maybe it is possible if younger. i always tought readig stuff like treating over 25yr olds was harder, hardly worth trying with and i thought it was ageist but actually i see why now. it isn't just about me, i have children to consider too. i also know that at times in my life i ate a bit more, was heavier looked "healthy"- i thought i wass recovered but i wasn't. i still controlled food, over exercised was obsessed with one day being thinner- that isn't being recovered but i know from experience many people live like that telling themselves and others they are recovered when they are not. that is traic :(


We do know that the length of time someone has had an eating disorder can make recovery longer or harder but that doesn't mean that it is out of reach. We also agree that sometimes people say they are recovered when they are not, but we do know lots of people who have truly recovered and have kept their recovery: - a stable weight, good BMI, and freedom from other associated behaviours and the destructive voices. Many of these well recovered people become befrienders for ABC, so perhaps you might consider asking for a befriender through our service and email us for a Guide to Befriending.

Team ABC


ok. i can consider that yes :)


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