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Do i have a disorder?

So im 15 years old and am 5ft 9, current weight at 52 kg. I had never had an issue with what i looked liked until i was 14 being a little chubby, making me a easy target for people to call me names and tobully me e.g. taking pitchers of me when i was getting chanaged for p.e. and sharing it with the whole school, so i started self harming feeling asense of release and decided to exersize to get into shape and eat healthy but once they stopped and compliments started coming in, i envyed more, to be like the " skinnys girls" so i tryed to stop eating but instantly my parents started to notice i wasnt eating my food so i became bulimic making them think i was eating but onced again soon found out and took me to the doctors, but the doctors said there was nothing wrong with me but should obiously stop throwing up. So i told them i would eat but only bymyself becasue i felt " embarrested eatinng in front of people" basically being an excuse to put the food in a bag and throwing it away later. Im so deprssed with the way i look like and self hrm alot becasue of it and am eating less as each day come, increasing exersizng. I cant go to my local GP becuase im not skinny enugh so wil not see a problem again.i dont know what to do, maby i need anti deression tablets or somthing?

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Hello ddcx :) I'm so sorry all that happened to you, truly :( Well you are self harming yourself, that really requires a referral to a counsellor/therapist that specialises in bullying. Please do this immediately. To get a referral you need to ask your dr/gp.Your family sound wonderfully observant, please find the courage to tell them what you are doing to yourself now (self harm, hiding food, over exercising) make it really clear you are ready to get well, and need their support. Tell them how anxious you are about getting help. You are so young and they WILL understand.

Julie xo

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