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Eating disorder?

Lately I'm just not hungry this has been going on for about two weeks I try to eat but can't. Like today I had three bites of rice and felt full yesterday the only thing I ate was a banana. I've been really stressed and think that's the main reason but when I look up information about eating disorders it's all about people who think they're fat or people who throw up. I don't think or do ether Ive always been very skinny when I went to dr. They said I was 112 which was bearly the healthy weight for my hight I weighed myself today at home and it said I was 104! This is just stressing me out even more and causing me to feel even less hungry. Idk if this is post of a question I guess both my question is what can I do to help myself/ could this be potentially dangerous? Also could I really have an eating disorder????

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Hello Wdaniellew, you do need to have your rapid weight loss and sudden loss of appetite investigated by your Dr/GP. It's very easy to blame any current health issue on stress. Look at ways to manage your daily environment to acheive balance. Eating disorders, are more than wanting to be thin or throwing up. Any behavior that becomes obsessive is a sign for the individual that something is wrong. Once an individual recognises "what" they can start to manage the side effects of this. Truly hope that helps you, don't forget off to Dr/GP :)


You need to return to your GP urgently - your weight is clearly dropping rapidly - and you recognise that is is already too low - also the amount and range of what you are eating is clearly extremely low and nutritionally insufficient - you also need to explore the relationship you have with food and the relationship with stress/anxiety. Giving your problem a label ie ED is not the issue - whatever you call it you have a health issue with a link into mental health that needs resolving and this needs to be done urgently.


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