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Atypical anorexia diagnosis and week 1 meal plan pain

Hi there,

A week ago I was diagnosed with atypical anorexia nervosa (having all of the symptoms of anorexia but not the distorted body image or the desire to lose weight.) I cut down meal portions to about 600-800cals a day because of genuine pain, which developed into a food=pain association and thus food phobia. However, for a week I have been following a meal plan as set by my dietitian. It has been so hard because I have been bloated, constipated and in so much pain most nights I only sleep 4 hours (despite taking pain killers.)

Anyway, my dietitian weighed me yesterday and my weight dropped by 2 pounds! - Despite following all instructions given!

Has this happened toanyone else?

Any tips to deal with the pain?

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Hi, I think your case seems to have perplexed everyone. Is your GP sure there is nothing underlying the bloating and pain when you eat? I know my daughter has experienced constipation and this is quite common when diet is restricted and there isn't the 'bulk' and fibre to push food through. Bloating could be because the gut flora are unbalanced - have you tried live yoghurt? I know this helped my daughter at the beginning of refeeding. Good luck.


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