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Hi ,I hope someone can help me.I feel desperate.Last year I was going to the gym and eating reasonably healthy I started losing weight.This year I just can't stop overeating.Im buying loads of chocolate and literally stuffing my face till I feel sick,then the next day I will do it again. I know this is not healthy both physically or mentally . I stop for a few days then do it again and again. I've been taking anti depressants for over ten years. I feel stuck in a vicious cycle

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Have you talked with your GP about this? It could be that some sort of talking therapy may help you and/or talking with a dietician. It does sound that you are aware of what you should be doing though.

Have you tried working to a plan of smaller planned but more frequent meals and snacks? It almost sounds to me that your body is in a sense of confusion thus leading to the binges. Is it possible to shop for food only when you are full? If the chocolate isn't there it can't be eaten!

with my best wishes


Hi, I know how you feel. I can binge up to 5000 calories in one night multiple times a week. I gained 4st rapidly (i was already overweight) and feel fat and ugly and disgusting. Too scared to go see a GP and petrified for my future health. I've mentioned this before (I'm not a PR i promise) but 'Brain over binge' by Kathryn Hansen has really helped me. I read it in a couple of days and immediately felt the effects. It challenges normal therapy for builima and BED (which sounds like it could apply to you) and really mentally allows you to take control of your own mind. I know the book won't work for everyone, but I haven't binged in over a week-which feels like a long time for me- and I feel like I should share it just in case it might help someone else. I really hope you can get out the cycle I know how incredibly draining and horrible it is, and am sorry if this advice is no use. Good luck and look after yourself x


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