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Filled with anxiety

My feelings of anxiety have crept up on me recently and I am noticing myself binge eating and over exercising again. I thought I had overcome these two things but it seems that they crop up when I'm stressed about other areas of my life. I don't really know where to go with this, as I'm still on the healthy body weight side and I really don't know which of my friends I can trust. I don't want to unleash a load of problems onto them as we are all studying hard and I have never been one to open up about my binging trouble. Today I feel especially ashamed about how I have been behaving. I don't know how to pick myself up again.

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You need to get to your GP - or student counsellor - and talk about your struggles - I know this is hard - but don't feel embarrassed - your health is far more important. I struggled just as you described - and it was only by sharing my problem that things got sorted. I also had prayer - and I am now totally free from the need to binge and be sick afterwards - its a hard battle - but take courage - you've admitted your problem here - so take the next step to get help - you're worth it - and its a battle worth winning. Good luck.



I'd agree with the earlier reply. Your school/college/university will probably have someone who has been trained in counselling skills, and in particular, he/she will listen to you without judging you. They will not think of you as a burden but as a person who has needs at this time in your life.

Another source is the sufferer's helpline at Anorexia Bulimia Care. There are other helplines around e.g. B-eat too. These are there to help you as you are now.

Your GP may be able to help with medication if that would help you in addition to talking with a counsellor. GPs can also refer you for CBT etc too.

The places are out there to help.

all the best


I used to binge to the tune of thousands of calories in one sitting, no kidding!! It's very embarrassing to talk about, so I didn't:( To me I felt weak, not too mention the shame I felt from eating so much. More importantly the fear and mental (destructive) self dialog that was going inside me was brutal! I always feared the next binge, like you I also over exercised. I would work out up to three hours a day, not fun! Anyways, I found this site called Health Sidekick, the gal who hosts the forum No2Binge on the site suffered from the same, I totally related to her. She's brutally honest about her past, which I really needed at the time. Anyways, she explains a technique that helped her stop binging. I thought, what the heck....I'll try it! It actually worked and I haven't binged since, that's nothing short of a miracle for me, seriously! I also stopped working out so much, now just a walk and some light weights:)

Hope this helps,

Best of luck to you!

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