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Making myself sick

This is the 6th time I have tried to make myself sick, even though nothing had come out. It was my brothers birthday today and my mum made chocolate cake, I had a slice and I don't know why but I stupidly started to pick pieces of the cake until I felt sick and then later on I had dinner. I use to weight 11/12 stones and then lost it I am now 10 stones and not happy with my weight, I think I am fat and I try to make myself sick but it doesn't work. I have also exercise for an hour today but I feel like it isn't enough and that I need to do more. I'm just annoyed with everything now. I know I shouldn't make myself sick but when I feel like I have eaten crap then I will make myself sick.

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Hi Kiran,

I think you are right to identify that trying to make yourself sick and the feelings of wanting to do more exercise even when you have done enough are not a healthy way of thinking. Your post indicates to me that you have a host of negative feelings. Have I understood you right?

It could be useful to go to see your GP and may be explore whether it would be possible to have a course of CBT. Alternatively if you are still in school or college then there may be staff trained in counselling and you can then safely explore yuor feelings with them.

Could you turn your feeling around. Can you focus on being healthy rather than pulled down by these negative feelings. The odd slice of cake isn't going to make any difference to your weight. Do you think your food intake is generally healthy. Instead of focussing on your weight it is now recommended to get fit with a moderate amount of exercise (half an hour a day).

There are also resources at Anorexia Bulimia Care, B-eat and somethingfishy. ABC and B-eat have helplines.

I wish you well.



Wow thank you for this. This sound really helpful.


I there, I don't know your age, but when I was a teen I started like fact, I started bingeing when I was 12, then after putting on a lot of weight I started to make myself sick. I did not tell anybody...I didn't think that that could be was developed further and stayed with me for 35 YEARS. My life became hell, and after a while, vomiting stopped working...I could not lose weight anymore. The bulimia is a symptom of something that is hidden within...the sooner we find out the will set us free. and believe me it is not worth it to weight for 35 year to find out...if I can help you please do not hesitate to ask me for anything...I would like to help. I have been bulimia free for 5 years now.


Thank you so much for the reply :)


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