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Food and alcohol-lost control!

Hey all,

I've been increasingly binging on food and alcohol,now I feel I lost control over both,its hard to admit it but its even scarier to be on my own in this.

Does anyone else find it difficult to control their drinking while suffering from bulimia?

Im seeing my GP tomorrow,that will be the first time I will own up to my problems,scary!Feel free to msg me if you fancy a chat,take care

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Yes. It is very hard. I was like that. Can't reply fully now but I was exactly the same and it can change. Will repky again later. Good luck with gp



Hi Dom

I'm sorry you having such a hard time at the moment. I found myself in a similar position,

my bulimia wasn't so bad at first and the binges were, lets say manageable, for the most part. Slowly over time it got worse and suddenly you realise it's all the time, everyday and you're not even sure why you're doing it at all. I found myself drinking to numb my brain I suppose, to stop from thinking about the terrible things that had happened to me or to stop from worrying constantly about having no semblance of a real life, no order, no control of anything.

I don't drink so much these day but find myself wanting to sit down with a bottle on my own and just do shot after shot until I feel something different. The thoughts are the same as when I think about binging on food though, it's all a way of stuffing down my emotions.

I don't know if it would be helpful but AA meeting tend to have supportive people who understand the issues that drive the destructive thoughts, maybe try going to one, even just to listen to the other people and feel less alone. If it's not for you don't worry you've always got HU here 24 hours a day, being able to ask for help from anyone is a great first step.

Be proud of what you've done, because like you said it's easier to stay alone with it but you chose to make a better decision.

Good luck with your GP and stay strong




How did it go with the gp?

In my experience alcohol and binging go hand in hand and so you won't stop one without stopping the other.

For me it started when I realised that being slightly drunk made eating bearable. Ir kind if numbed my brain from the concerns about weight gain and being fat. In some ways being drunk acted differently it was like was soneone else...someone who could eat and appear ok with it. However it wasn't 100% successful and I would panic feel I'd lost control and make myself sick and I fiubd thst much easier if I had downed a bottle of wine.

I started drinking a bottle if wine a night or a bit more once I moved bavk home from university and bar the months I was pregnant with my two children I drank everyday from July 1998 until last September when I was set a goal not to vomit any more. I knew drinking helped me eat but I'd panic then binge the vomit. Drinking made eating a bit easier I had to learn to eat without drinking and that has been hard and on going for 10months.

It is a hard habit to break and you just have to fight. Get some support and prepare fir a struggle. ..good luck.



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