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What to tell work during treatment


I am about to start CBT through the NHS on a weekly basis during work. I need to think of an excuse for work, I don't mind it being a medical excuse, I just don't want then to know it is an eating disorder as I work for a very small company and my boss is female and has very strong views and I really don't think she will be very understanding. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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I know it is hard to tell the truth but I think its for the best.

I had CBT during work time and they were find about it.


Hi there Sarahlondon! I get the whole "its not anyones business" argument. Give credit where credit is due, in this moment it is for you!!! You are doing something constructive, getting help for a serious medical condition, an eating disorder. Tell her you are being pro active. My bet is she already has guessed something is up, her trust in you can only be stronger. Pick your moment, make an appt with her at her best time. As far as everyone else at work they will be more supportive of you being pro active. ED takes soo much away dont become the person who lied about one thing, so what else are you lying about. Sarah just tell your boss the truth, you just might be happily surprised at the outcome. Good luck!

Honesty is usually the best policy I have found - and when I've told people I have an ED very few were actually surprised - most already suspected - and most were supportive when they knew I was seeking help.


The only other thing you could say is the more vague "mental health illness". However this could be a worse thing to say as many people just don't "get" mental health issues. Alternatively you could also say that your GP has recommended the CBT to help you deal with a medical condition.

It's hard and obviously we don't know your boss. However you may find that if you tell her the truth (i.e. being open about the eating disorder) then it may help her to take down what I suspect is a defensive wall manifesting in the form of strong opinions. Pick your moment. You could ask a colleague to come with you if you feel that would help.

I found CBT very helpful and I hope it helps you too.

all the best


hi there,

I never told my work as it wasn't an environment conducive to buoyant mental health. I personally would not tell them and try and arrange the cbt for first thing in the morning or late afternoon and just cite a medical issue. I would talk to your GP and see if she can write a letter stating you have a recent medical issue which requires weekly appointments. this is a very subjective response. all the best. x

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