How to juggle caring and work ?

How do people cope with juggling care and work? My daughter is nearly 18 and has anorexia. She reverts back to being like a little girl at times, just wanted to sit with me and cuddle all the time. I am with her most of the time but finding it hard to work and be with her. I would like to take a long break from work in order to be with/support her, but financially its not really an option, what do other people do ? I'v used up my carers leave and special leave and about to use my holiday leave - but that wont last long ! Any suggestions please ?

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  • in my experience anorexics are seriously lacking a mother figure and lacked being mothered as children. Anorexia is an attempt to cope on your own when you feel there is noone there for you or listening to you.

    She is attempting to reach out to you and wants your help and support....wants you to listen, and tell her it will be ok. I suggest professional help and you both need to commit to it for changes in your relationship to occur.

    You have to see this as a long term thing. The reasons for turning for food or weight control are well buried. I am 38 and a mother and it was only when I saw how my ed impacted on my relationship with my children that I began to even pre contemplate change and it has been a long and slow journey since then and by starting to be there for them I've realise how much I let them down but also that the things I do for them...They are alien and I'm learning but it's not from experience of being mothered myself. It's a hard lesson. My relationship with my mum is nothing. ..empty...dead. I've been left alone and heartbroken by those who should have cared and made me their responsibility. Jobs and money are important but you're daughter really needs someone to care. Right now she wants you. she needs to be your priority. Where there is a will and much faith...there will be a way.

  • In the good reads section of my blog there is a link to a good book about how you care or someone with anorexia

    Overeaters anonymous which includes anorexics helped my daughter as did a counsellor

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