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What is ENDOs ?

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My 17 year old daughter has an eating disorder - not sure what type - She was an extremely sporty girl, playing numerous types of sports both in and out of school. She was studying for her A levels and hoping to do a degree in sport at uni. Her ED has taking over her life. She has stopped attending school because she cant focus on anything except food. Her diet became very restricted, food had to be arranged in a certain way on her plate, virtually no carbs and no fats. She is now unable to do any sports of any kind except doing weights at the gym which she does every day if she can muster the strength to go. She is very depressed, and recently started bingeing in the evenings - having 8 bowls of cereal and anything else she can find, even things she doesn't/didn't even like! She has a great phobia of sickness/vomiting and always has, but last night she ate sooo much she was sick. I'v read posts on here mentioning ENDOs, what is this please? We are extremely worried parents and have had an assessment with CAMHS but as yet not actually had any pro-active help. She is deteriorating and need to get help quickly - any suggestions would be gratefully appreciated :-(

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Hi if this is jus start it best for you to bring her to hospital for help.. It not play play. Im strugging . There alot of things she cannot do. Cause she starving herself way too long


Suggest you get in touch with ABC - 03000 111213 - option 1 - they have experience and will give you advice and support. I started my ED at the same age as your daughter - was sporty, doing A Levels, with apparently everything going for me - my anorexia also developed into bulimia (making myself sick) - I suggest you badger your GP to get help asap - it may be a fight - but the quicker she gets help the better. For yourselves = do access Anorexia & Bulimia Care - you need support just as much as your daughter - I know how hard it is to see your lovely daughter "dying" before your eyes and not being able to "make things better". I shall be praying for your daughter.


I am not an expert but ednos is when a person has an eating disorder where they have tendencies of both anorexia and bulimia but thats all I know


Eating disorders are complicated and hard to diagnose.

pushing her to get help might make her more secretive and clever at hiding it. Which will make it harder for her to seek help later for herself. It is one if those things you have to do yourself. ..if she is just starting now it is early days...ask her to consider there is a problem and seek help and support for herself. I know you will find this hard but she us unlikely to confide in you...friends or a gp might be a place to start. Hope that helps



EDNO stands for Eating Disorder Not Otherwise Specified. This means it can involve aspects of both anorexia and bulimia. EDNO is basically an umbrella term for a general eating disorder. Here are some characteristics listed for individuals:

Meet all criteria for anorexia nervosa except their weight falls within the normal range

Meet all criteria for bulimia nervosa except they engage in binge eating or purging behaviors less than twice per week or for fewer than three months

Purge after eating small amounts of food while retaining a normal body weight

Repeatedly chew and spit out large amounts of food without swallowing

Meet criteria for binge eating disorder

I really hope you can address this issue with your daughter. As a sufferer myself I understand how difficult it can be for parents, the issue becomes a bit of an 'elephant in the room' particularly if behaviors are secretive.

My advice would be to speak with a doctor and depending on how co-operative your daughter is, perhaps you can persuade her to come with you. Arranging a nutritional consultation could help your daughter allow herself to be in control about what she consumes with medical guidance that will help her to become healthy and happy again (because restricting food intake can really enhance depression).


It is very hard to get any effective treatment for eating disorders in the UK from the NHS. I have been a counsellor and social worker in since 1990. I also fully recovered from anorexia. Now, I have my own counselling clinic in Derbyshire. I also do online counselling via the Liverperson website. If you are interested in online counselling then please follow this link. Liverperson use a simple and effective chat system. I also do video counselling via skype.

Please visit this link and see if I can be of help to you.



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