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Need help

Hi everyone i suffer from anorexia binge and purge. For few yrs . Recently i start eating breakfast and don purge .. But afternoon im still binging and purge... And if dinner i hungry i eat and keep down . I gained weight. What if i stop binge and purge will i gain even more? Or even more den before i got eating disorder?

How to stop craving?

The lowesr weight i have is 30 and now i started to eat i gain and gain , from may to now i weight is 40 alr. Any idea how to stop binge and purge ad not gain weight? Pls help.. I don wan to keep gaining and gaining . As i going normal weight soon. How to eat little and full and not lead to b/p

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Firstly, it's good that you are purging less. Eating in excess and purging is known as bulimia.

Some science: when your body is in a starved state it will hold any food it gets and store it as fat. This is because your body does not know when it will get its next meal.

As you have e started to keep food down, you now need to start eating properly. This means going to your GO and asking for a dietician. They will slowly increase your caloric ( food energy) intake to a safe level. They do it slowly so that you do not gain weight or too much weight.

Hope this helps and don't worry about the weight thing.

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The problem is my dietatian dont wanna give me meal plan . Jus ask mi eat what i wan. Even after b:p . In th past i was like b/p and no more eating . Now at least i b:p i still will eat breakfast . So is like im so scare i will gain weight to th before anorexia me); and im still daily purging jus now i did not purge out all . ); i look so disgusted);


Will i gain weight if i stop vomitting and eat normal? Cos i alr going normal weight! Really );


You'll stop gaining weight soon, it's the fear that's the killer.

Your body will adjust as you start to regain your metabolic rate but work towards to slowly so your body has a chance to catch up.

When you don't digest anything (vomiting straight after eating) your body doesn't know how to deal with food, little and often and pick comfortable foods to start with, lean foods like fruits, veggies and protein are good to help your body build up it's metabolic rate.

If you're still very worried about gaining weight, try adding small amounts of low impact exercise to help you feel more in control.


little piece of advice

please don't say things like whatever you eat will be taken in and stored as FAT.

That's the kind of thing that makes me not ever want to eat anything ever again!

Lets be fair about this your body will use energy to keep it going, keep your organs working and your brain just about functioning. the amount of food that anorexics take in, none of it is going to fat stores!

Please be careful what you say, there is the tiniest thread of sanity and that's what anorexics and bulimics are hanging to, please don't cut it!


I go along with what Zerocool has said. You will be able to maintain a steady weight if you eat more consistently. What will be best for your body is if you eat smaller meals more regularly throughout the day and without purging. I know because I've tried it. Our bodies will retain stuff in the form of fat if we muck them about.

If your dietician won't provide you with a meal plan then could you work out something for yourself? I asked mine for guidance about how many calories is right for me to maintain a healthy weight then used that as guidance.

It is hard to get out of an unhealthy pattern of eating and purging but 3 meals and 3 healthy snacks a day will give your body the best chance to get and maintain the right weight for you.


Can u tell me a good diet plan? Cos my dietitian jus tell me tell what i want . And i binge and purge lead me to don dare to eat dinner cos i feel i contain alot calories . What to do ); i really dont wan to be more fatter den before ed.


I'm not an expert and really it should be your dietician who helps you. Mine wouldn't give me a meal plan either which I found frustrating and unhelpful. She basically said that my diet was fine but not enough of it and I needed to add add snacks. I did see one partial plan that gave me a better idea. I can't find it at the moment but from what I remember:

Breakfast: bowl of cereal with milk + 2 slices of toast with butter/spread and jam/marmalade

Mid-morning: glass of milk (200ml) or 2 biscuits & tea/coffee

Lunch (main meal): protein source (meat or fish or veggie) + vegetables + potato/pasta. Then dessert e.g. fruit crumble + custard

Mid-afternoon: cereal bar or something similar

Tea: sandwiches + fruit + yoghurt

Supper: milky drink or similar calorie

Clearly lunch and tea can be swopped over.

For portion sizes I looked at the website run by NHS as a guide:

It is much better doing this face to face with someone though. Please don't let the above override what your dietician/rest of team advise. They are the experts and I'm not. The meal plan above made me think and become aware how little I was (sorry am) eating.


I wanna maintain if i start eating ... I really scare over cos my weight is reaching but i still binge and purge


Basically, you need to match what you eat to what you burn. You will gain at first because you need to get your body out of the habit of starving but this will only be a few pounds to half a stone if done properly. You will than be able to gain and lose weight at a slow pace at will. Not eating or purging will have health implications.


Problem is im lost im still having b/p daily . But i start to eat whenever i go out w family. Will i become fatty den before i got ed? I really scared . When ever im home i keep having a sound tell me i need to vomit so i eat


To stop the craving and the binging you must eat regularly. Your body is in a right muddle and the craving is because you are abusing it. You also sound as if you need support from a professional team. Do you have a team other than the dietician?

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What do u mean by craving cos im abusing?


I mean (and I include myself in this), that having an eating disorder is not a healthy way to live. I know that I am in effect abusing (damaging) my body, I'm pushing it to limits that are far from looking after it. Having an ED does real physical harm to our bodies and that is why it is important to strive for recovery.


Now i start to eat i crave junks . Damn shit... Hais im so scare my body is damaging .);


Im very th tired of vomit binge purge make my throat so damn pain


Yes the craving junks is cos your body needs food quick and junks seem to be the answer.

Could you try just not having junks in the house or wherever you are?

Could you try having some healthy options around? Then when you crave you have something better to eat? There's some good ideas on


But i know myself is full and my weight alr gain even i b:p . I jus feel i got th habit. Plus my doc say my liver infection idk why too);


I abuse laxatives i stopped 2 week but my shit is very hard cannot out . Make me bloated pain and even got piles how can i do to get bk my body i need help ...


You sound to have a lot going on. Do you have a specialist ED team supporting you?

Well done about making quite significant changes to your life e.g. stopping the laxatives. It will take a while before your body can recover and get back to a more healthy way of being..

Also I think you need to get back to the GP and talk things through especially the medical stuff. He/she may be able to help.


PS Anorexia Bulimia Care have a phone helpline for sufferers - have you tried calling them? It may help you to be able to talk through some of what you've been saying in this post. That's not to say stop using this post but sometimes it is more satisfactory to talk...


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