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20 year old Bulimia sufferer with PCOS

I have suffered from bulimia for about 4 years, my issue being that I binge purge and binge purge again and end up gaining weight and self harming. I was recently diagnosed with PCOS poly cystic ovary syndrome, apparently there is a link between the two. I am a 3rd year at university and when I'm away from home it gets worse, I secretly stash and eat food whilst locked in my room. I am miserable and do not want to gain weight again, any advice on controlling the urges??

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Are you getting any help for the Bulimia. If not you need to tell your Doctor. To make sure your vitamin levels are ok.


Hi lollpop. Really feel for u.

Having also suffered from bulimia at uni, I know how strong urge is, and how easy it is to do away from home on ur own. I have no magic wand but my advice would be not to let yourself be on your own in your room with food, because that is such a strong trigger for u.

U r welcome to email me if it can help.

Take care x


It's just so difficult, everything seems to be a trigger, I can't pinpoint anything that triggers me off but I'm binging and purging on a daily basis, I can go weeks without doing it but then all of a sudden it's ruling my life again :( x


Hi, I found it really sorrowing to read this, I am 20, in third year at uni and have honestly been suffering from bulimia for about 4 years, I'm still up and down but what I have found really helps is exercise, I started going to classes like 'body combat' and 'body attack' they are really good for stress relief and because the exercise releases positive chemicals in your body it makes me feel a bit better ... Also have you got a journal? I find it helps to write all your feelings down and it's good to look back on. Message me if you want to speak, I can relate to how you are feeling 100% and would be nice to talk. Try stay positive! I x


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