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Yankee Doodle Dud

I was doing so well for so long. I haven't binged since the last time I entered a blog on this site. Then the 4th of July holiday came up and I started binging again. I've been out of control binging for at least a week now. I dread holidays. I usually spend them alone. Most of my family is deceased. My good friends don't live nearby. My boyfriend lives in Brooklyn and when he has a day off from work, he sleeps the day away. So I typically spend holidays alone binging and feeling sorry for myself. Any suggestions as to how to get back on track? I can't stand feeling this way and beating myself up over it. Thanks !

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Please don't be so hard on yourself. Relapse is natural part of recovery. Return to strategies that helped you before to bring bingeing cycle to an end. Plan a day away from environment where triggers are.

Hope this helps?


Yes your comments do help! Thank you.


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