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What To Do

Hi Families! Again here with another question. What activities have any of you found to be able to do with your sons that has fully lost the ability to speak and move voluntarily, as well as being visually Impaired? I'm having a very tough time trying to find thing to do with him, and I still want him to feel that he is a part of this family too.


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Hi, I completely understand what you are going through. You could try lots of sensory objects-different types of fabric for example rough, smooth etc. You could also tell stories and have objects which go along with the story. Most of the boys enjoy being outside so a visit to a local farm where there are different noises and smells! These are just a couple of examples, if you would like further support please email me karen@aldlife.org I am the Support Services Manager ad I can also put you in touch with other families going through a similar situation. take care Karen


Thank you im sorry for the late respond, but I usually check here at least twice a week because Im so busy with my son and myself.


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