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My son has ALD & has been diagnosed as severely anemic, are the 2 related ? He is waiting for an X-ray to see if that shows anything

Anemic low in iron

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X-ray for anemia? This is measure through a blood test. Along with RBC count, ask your doctor to check his ferritin levels. This is your stored iron. They often neglect to test this.

I was in the hospital last year, and both of my levels for these were almost 0. Now, remarkably, there in a normal range. So, perhaps there is a correlation, however I’m unsure as to why.


Thanks for replying... the X-ray is to see if there is anything wrong in his stomach. They said if that shows nothing then he’ll have to have a camera down his throat & 1 up his backside !!! I’ll contact the hospital & mention what u said. Thanks again

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My son has never had a problem with anaemia and I've never come across it in anything I have read about ALD. Although the tests don't sound pleasant, at least the hospital is actively trying to find what the problem is. Hope you get some answers.


Thanks for your input