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New baclofen pump

So last Tuesday I got a baclofen pump implanted. I would like to know if anyone has had my experiences. I currently can only stand a little unlike before the surgery. I also have some incontinence and can no longer get an erection. Is there any hope that this will get better after a few weeks? I just want some

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I had the Gablofen spinal injection earlier this week. Completely killed my ability to walk. And I couldn't urinate to save my life.

I take it you had the injection? How did you feel on that?

Hasn't put me off, I am having my operation in three weeks.


When I had the injection it took away the spastcity but I couldn't walk


Yes, takes away all muscle tone completely.

More so than an enormous dose of Lyrica.

I am having the pump fitted because I am worried about the damage to my brain from all of the high dose Lyrica/Gabapentin.

Even the spasticity I can live with. If I can but stop the night spasms, I'll be happy.


I will get the injection soon to see how the pump can help me. I can walk today with a cane quite good, it's the spastcity that is a big part of my movementdisorde. So if it's harder to walk with this pump I get confused, I was hoping this should help me with that instead.


I hope the injection works. I would love to be back to a cane. But everyone is different


I like how the pump Baclofen dose is in the microgram range.

Couldn't really get much lower.

Once the Gablofen was starting to wear off, I took a huge dose of 4-AP, about 20mg.

I could walk quite well. I've posted before about the relation between a decent muscle relaxant and 4-AP. I am really hoping a decent trickle of Baclofen and plenty of 4-AP will see me right.


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