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Update on my AF

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Hi everyone I thought I would give you a little update. Since my episode of what they think was atrial flutter last July. I have had a 7 day monitor which didn’t show much just a few ectopics! Even when I felt like something was going on they said my rhythm was normal. Had my echo just before Christmas still waiting for the results but when I had it the nurse at the time said he couldn’t see any problems at that my heart looked healthy (phew) I’ve been having ectopics and the odd episode of what I can only describe as a palpitation but this is literally lasting a couple of seconds so not sure what it is? Sorry for the long post. I would love to hear everyone opinion on this so far and what you think? Thanks x

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I know from experience that Atrial flutter is hard to detect on ECGs even my spider flash (7 day monitor) a couple of years ago didn't show anything.

I had my ablation on the 2nd of May last year and was suffering from the same symptoms went to doc as anxiety was brining me down, I was giving Citralolpram very low dose which very much improved my overall wellbeing but still was getting eptopics so I started taking magnesium turate(checking with the doc first) and the difference has been amazing for me, i probably have 5 or 6 a week now and they are very mild compared to the great thumping one's I was having.

So chin up, things can get better, all the best.

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