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New appointment. Wish they would be more clear

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So. Yesterday I got a NHS letter from cardiology.

In an earlier post I told of an innocent mistake in getting days and dates mixed up and missed my check up with the consultant.

Letter says I have a new appt with cardiology in June next year!!!

Pretty sure I won't get this one muddled up, and will be very concerned if I do as it is the 18th,my birthday. Lol

If I mess this one up then I need help lol.

So, not on my own without the safety net though I'd accepted that. So much for being discharged! πŸ€—

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You won't be able to complain about having a boring birthday! Here in Padova they try to make documents such as ID card, driving licence, medical card all renewable on the persons birthday.

That makes sense. Don't reckon anyone forgets the date we're born on πŸ‘

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