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tostesterone and it's affects in the heart


I was recently eating in a Spanish restaurant when the doors burst open and an obviously very rich man entered, along with his friends. "Senor" he shouted " The bulls heart and testicles". The head waiter bowed his head and orders were dispatched.

I had never seen a bulls heart before and it is a truly magnificent site , about the size of a good size bucket with veins and arteries about the size of my kitchen sink drainpipe. Wine was served along starters and in due course the main course arrived and was devoured with great glee and gusto. Tostesterone was obviously flowing.

I happened to be in the restaurant a week later. Once again the bon viveurs entered and the same cry went up. The Head waiter looked concerned, but money talked. Once again wine flowed and in due course two plates emerged. On one a very small heart, and on the other two small spherical objects.

The head waiter spoke mournfully.

"Senors" he said "Sometimes, the bull, sometimes he wins".

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An old one but a GOODIE! Thanks .

That’s a good one lol

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