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Box Isolation


I’ve just had fourth ablation. My EP who has been excellent has done a box isolation this time as the PVI was all intact and complete. So far I feel great. I know it’s v early to tell but I’m not having any of the jumps and bumps I had after previous ablations. Has anyone one else had this procedure and have any experience to share?

All the research papers I’ve read sound v positive. I’m 52 was very fit and 48 when diagnosed. I have lone AF that has gone from persistent to paroxysmal over the time of the ablations. I am off meds other than blood thinners. Thanks

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This is not an uncommon procedure using RF. I guess it has different names with deofferent EPs but I had a couoe of lines drawn in my third sucessful ablation ten years ago and no ASF since. Still get occasional tachycaradia for a few seconds and occasional ectopics but not on any drugs apart from anticoagulation (they don't thin blood by the way).

Glad it is working well for you.

Jonty_13 in reply to BobD

Thanks Bob...yes I know they interfere with the blood clotting proteins where others reduce the ability of the platelets to stick together.

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