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Morning I was diagnosed with PAF four years ago but these past year has worsened averaging two episodes a month Had my flu vaccination on Tues morning For the past two nights I’ve been feeling really hot in bed I woke At I am this morning sweating and in AF Kardia showed AF My pulse was irratic but normal for me Took 50mg Flecanide and went back to bed Still present at 7 am but Kardia showed unclassified At 8 Tried again and Kardia Read AF so took my morning 50mg Flecanide pulse still normal but erratic Normally when in AF pulse is erratic and fast Any suggestions? Thanks

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It sounds as if you have had a reaction to the flu jab which has raised your body temperature. This in turn could have irritated your heart and you may now be having a mixture of NSR, ectopics and possibly short runs of AF which together may explain the lower than AF heart rate.

If you don’t feel better, it might be an idea to ask your doc for advice. Usually, taking things easy for a while will improve matters - fingers crossed for you.

Von19 in reply to Finvola

Thanks Much appreciated

I had the flu last year and my AF was much more active during the 5 days I was ill in bed (proper man flu) as mentioned it's probably down to the side effects of the virus upsetting your body.. Hope you feel better soon.

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