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Farewell to Kay


Those of you who come to Ian's Natter and Nosh will be very sad to hear we have lost Kay (Yack).

We knew she had been ill for the last few months but I was quite shocked to see this on Twitter tonight (see below) It is accompanied by a lovely photo of kay which didn't transfer here but you can see on Twitter. I wrote a reply saying she has been in our thoughts and we will miss her a lot.

Her illness was not related to AF in any way.

My beautiful mum Kay died just before noon today. We were holding her hand and reading her the beatitudes at the end. It is a relief as well as desperately sad. I so much feared watching my mum draw her last breath but in the end there was no fear, only love. xxxxxxx

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That’s very sad. Beautiful words from her daughter.

How sad and what a lovely tweet from her daughter. X

Very sad news, Kay was a lovely lady who told us many tales about the volunteer work she did at the Tate Gallery. Thoughts go out to her friends, Porridgequeen, RosyG and of course, her family.........


Thank you, Rosy, for letting us know about Kay. How sad. She contributed on the forum only occasionally, but was a regular at Ian's Southwark gatherings and will be missed. I remember meeting her at the first I attended and she talked about the worries of living on one's own on a daily basis but clearly she had such loving support from her family.

Thank you for letting us know. Very sad.

Hi, I am so sorry to hear that, I am glad that Mum did not suffer, and that she felt loved by all family, That is beautiful, It matters, And now Angel Prayers, go with you.

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