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Follow up appointments after ablation


I had my successful ablation two and a half years ago and had a third follow up last week. I also have an aortic dissection which is checked annually. The doctor I saw last week had such a strong accent, I had great difficulty in understanding him. I tried to ask questions about my breathlessness etc. but he just kept saying one word "discharged". I know the NHS is short of cash and follow ups may be the easiest thing to cut out but I was told originally that I would always need an annual scan on my aorta to make sure there were no changes.

I would have been very happy at being discharged had I not wanted answers to my two questions - especially the aorta dissection one. My reason for posting is that, had I understood his accent, I would have pushed my case. Have any other forum members had difficulty in understanding strong foreign accents?

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Can’t say I have but if it is a problem for you I suggest that you ask for clarification, it’s always better to put it in writing as NHS can ignore verbal requests but cannot ignore written requests.

Hello Enjoy

Are you saying you have had surgery for an aortic dissection, if so was it a thoracic or abdominal aneurysm? I would have thought any decision to discharge you from follow up for that sort of surgery would be taken by the surgical clinic and not the cardio in the EP’s clinic. Probably a misunderstanding, maybe have a word with the GP?

I have had a problem talking to some Glaswegians, I’m not sure if that counts as foreign yet 🙂.

Enjoy in reply to Badger2021

They discovered the false lumen in the aorta during my recovery from the ablation when I was admitted to a local hospital due to breathing problems. They transferred me up town to a specialist hospital who decided it was best left alone but that an annual check would keep it under review for any changes. My disappointment is that I asked to be treated for all heart things at the same hospital to save the journey up town. I don't have any complaints about my treatment in all three hospitals but a little bedside manner and clear speech does help and I was told I would have the aortic dissection scanned every year.

Badger2021 in reply to Enjoy

In answer to the question you put to the doctor, it seems clear now that an annual screening check, ideally a CT or MRI is essential. Have the symptoms of acute aortic dissection been explained to you? You can’t afford to ignore them. I would ask your GP to have a word with the cardiologist.

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