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Bruising on warfarin

I am doing a separate post as I was so interested in the post from Vonnieruth about bruising, and also all the replies. I was climbing into our motorhome and my foot slipped off the step and I hit my shin with so much force it literally took my breath away. After whimpering in a corner for an hour, I perked up and went out shopping. Then I noticed my trouser leg felt tight and experienced extreme senstivity. I checked and decided to visit the minor injury clinic, slightly alarmed by the swelling up. The nurse practitioner told me I had burst a blood vessel, advised plenty of RICE and told me it may take some time to go down.

Fast forward two weeks and I went back to the minor injuries clinic with the shin now looking very red and angry. They sent me on to A&E and my INR was too high (3.4) for them to do anything surgically to clear the 'haematoma'. Apparently a haematoma is a breeding ground for infection. So I was sent home with Flucloxacillin (drug of the devil) which gave me the most horrible cramps, pain in the esophagus and extreme nausea. And when BobD said his toes went black, yes, and both sides of my foot. And I just didn't realize how really sore this injury is and not just at the point of impact.

But I thought I would post this to reassure others that what looks and feels awful is commonplace to the medical staff, and I was reassured all the way. I expect a big fat foot for some weeks to come!

And the good news today? Some of you may remember I lost our much loved dog on the road at the beginning of the year. Today, we went to a totally 'safe' place with our 7-month old puppy - a park between railway lines with very high fences where lots of dogs gambol. And this little terror found a route under the fence and ended high up on the railway line embankment where extremely fast trains pass every few minutes. And yes, a train passed, and then we heard the most blood-curdling doggie screams (we are assuming some sort of electric shock) and then she appeared unharmed. My daughter managed to coax her down to the fence and could only grab her ear through the very narrow gaps, whilst my lovely son-in-law got a lift up from my husband over into extremely thorny undergrowth and caught her and passed her over.

There truly is a higher being.

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I am so glad your dog was OK irene. Must have been very scary. I had a Houdini dog once and she could escape from a sealed room I think.

My son's lady/ nearly daughter in law amongst many other things is a first responder and told me that shin injuries often results in black feet as the internal bleeding ends up settling to the lowest point. As you say things do sometimes look far worse than they are.


Hi Irene hope you get better real soon.Glad all is ok for you and the dog I enjoy putting up topics in here to help solve some questions others may also have.Guess it's my way of being curious about things

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Oh Irene! Sounds like my !ife!! Glad there was a happy ending!also thanks for the informative post. Xx


Thank goodness your pup was okay! Our Lexie was a holy terror when she was small, she could escape through the smallest hole - and did. I'm glad your shin is getting better too! It's very interesting to hear about such things, forewarned is forearmed, as they say!



solution is not to let your dog off the lead I think. Glad you are both ok


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