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Reading Newspapers is bad for your health.


Sitting in the barbers today bored to tears I was reading a well known UK paper and found two articles of mild interest. One suggested that middle aged men who had a high protein diet especially for training purposes were at high risk of heart disease. Meat protein was worst apparently and fish was fine.

The other made my blood boil. Talking about a lady who had a massive stroke it commented that she had a haemorrhagic stroke which paralysed her "and the clot which went into her brain also stopped her ability to speak" or something similar. . EH????. Confused .com. Do they not have proof readers?

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Probably the proof readers have equally little understanding of content - some papers don’t care about the detail too much, as long as it ‘reads well’.

There was an article recently about AF where anti coagulant and anti arrhythmic drugs were confused.

I'm more shocked at you reading a newspaper and expecting the truth lol, at least you didn't have to pay for it😉

BobDVolunteer in reply to john6

Boredom over came me!

Sharp intake of breath!

A clot?!!!!! Surely EITHER a clot( ischaemic) or hemorrghic?

next time,just do the crossword in the paper!

trouble is,this kind of nonsense confuses the public not informs them!

My hated phrase....."blood thinners' grrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Hidden in reply to RoyM

Me too. They are NOT bloodthinners!!! Duh!

Good that we recognise crap in the bits of news we have knowledge about but how do we glean the truth when we are presented with "news" about which we know nothing? Scary the misinformation running rife.

I have got to stage with press that I largely ignore them they are either lazy and ill informed or pushing somebody else's agenda!

Bob - don’t do it ever again! We can’t have you boil away........

The ONLY publication I now read is Time.

BobDVolunteer in reply to CDreamer

Flypast. Motor Sport, or Car usually.

CDreamer in reply to BobD

Stick to those........any other may damage your sensibilities.

I like to write helpful keywords alongside the headlines in copies of the Daily Mail left in public places.

Common keywords used are:





"Complete lie"

"You don't believe this guff do you?"

"Openly racist"

"Remember that this paper supported Hitler."

Hilly22 in reply to UScore

Good on you UScore. The Fail and the Sun make my blood boil. I might start doing the same as you but with a highlighter pen :-D

Hidden in reply to UScore

Love it-I'm joining this club. And there is SOOO much material over here (US) what with Pres T and all! LOL😊

I think this was the other one, from a more reliable source:

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