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What is your experience with Perindopril and AF?


I was diagnosed with AF in 2015 and prescribed Warfarin 2mg daily which maintains my INR in the 2-3 target range. I have never had any incident or effect caused by AF.

I have been taking Perindopril 4 mg for high blood pressure since 2000 due to stress at work and have continued since I retired in 2008. As an experiment and because I no longer have work stress I have been experimenting for the last month on a reduced Perindopril dose of 2mg daily. There has been no effect on my blood pressure which remains at 132/82 with a pulse rate of 68.

I will be discussing this with my GP but would like to know anyone has had a similar experience and what was the outcome.

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Please do not mess with your meds. Speak to your GP by all means, be guided by him/her.

While taking Warfarin, try and keep to a sensible diet. Do not avoid green veg etc. Keep to a level that you are consuming. The other meds seem to be working well with Warfarin, keep to that. The only time I have problems with my INR is when I have lost my appetite, such as the time I had a chest infection. INR went right down and there were some concerns, fortunately I knew what happened and told the nurse I will boost my green intake until INR behaved. I think she must have thought I was slightly mad, but my following INR levels reached the desired level. It is now between 2.4 and 2.6 and I am satisfied. I keep a check on my BP, when that fluctuates I sit quietly, check my breathing and repeat a Mantra, it could be a word or words that is good for me. Examples--- Calm, peaceful. Quiet, calm. It usually

works. More info re diet---I avoid garlic that affects the INR, Ginger, Cider Vinegar. You may be able to tolerate them, I cant Don't overdo it and once again PLEASE do not mess with your meds.

Keep well and think CALM---PEACE--ALL IS WELL--ALL IS WELL.

42boston in reply to Vivante

Many thanks for your advice Vivante!

Apart from the Warfarin and the 4mg Perindopril, are you taking any other medicines? A beta blocker, for example? Do you have any side effects that you suspect come from the present mix of medicines that you would like to get rid of?

Forgot to mention, I have 4mg per day.

Apart from the Warfarin, I take Verapamil, Thyroxine, Digoxin. I have tried to come off some of the meds, but no can do. Its just case of managing it all and keeping a sensible diet.

I hope the weather is good where you are.

Keep well.


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