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FRAME scoring system for success of ablation in persistent AF

Someone asked if I could get the scoring system from Dr Jarman who talked about this to our support group.

He has kindly sent it through but I am not able to paste it here- just get the signs below.

I have passed it into a word document and will email it to anyone who wishes to PM me with their email address,

Hope you've had a good day



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Is this a tool to help clinician and patient decide whether ablation is worth the (very small) risk of making things worse ? Is Dr Jarman confident enough in it, to use it in his clinical practice?


Yes I suppose the risk is having the ablation so it helps to know likelihood of success


I’d like a copy please - I have had AF for at lease 7 years maybe longer ( had a stroke Dec 2010’- I’ll health retirement followed though I don’t feel I’ll ...) the longer one has had AF the harder it is to rectify ?

And how when after a successful procedure it is said you are not cured ... so much I still don’t understand and no longer under tbe care of a doctor feel quite ‘unsafe’if you see what I mean - many thanks,

Susie Davies- Lowe

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