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A note to all - please read

After a long discussion in the AF Association office, we have decided to allow the member known as Badger25, oyster etc to remain as a member on this forum. We greatly appreciate the vigilance of members, but please can we ask that you do not report him simply to make us aware of his presence any longer.

AF Association forum is moderated by AF Association staff. We are a small charity providing information and support to people living with AF and other arrhythmias. When we are dealing with issues on the forum, we are not dedicating our time to answering questions and providing this support. Please therefore do consider this.

AF Association forum has always been friendly and supportive, and we want it to remain that way.

Please could all members, old and new, read and familiarise yourselves with our forum rules.

With best wishes

Rachel - AF Association Patient Services

The ability to reply to this post has been turned off.

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