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Restin heart rate fluctuation

So my resting heart rate is never the same, it can range from 70 to 120, is this common for others too? Occasionally its within the normal 60 to 100 but other times it skyrockets. When I work it is constantly above 110, and all i do is stand and talk to people. Im curious if others have this too. There are times where i am doing the same thing or driving and my heart rate will go from 80 to 145 in less than a minute. I had a road trip to texas for Christmas and had to stop for a solid hour because my heart randomly went off and i got extremely nauseaus and dizzy.

I havent been able to even walk my dog without extreme exhaustion.

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Hi Nichyr

Do you have AF (irregular) or a supraventricular tachycardia variant (more typically regular). Or perhaps atrial flutter with variable block

Which device are you using to show HR?

AFib can jump about all over the place and not all watches etc are reliable in AF.

Which anticoagulant are you on?

When is the ablation?


Hello Nichyr

I'm in permanent af which means that my resting heart rate can vary dramatically and normally sits around the 105 bpm which in itself is not a problem and not too far outside the normal range.

It does sometimes feel uncomfortable and walking is sometime very tiring, especially up any kind of incline. Keep walking your dog but take it easy and talk to your doctor about rate control medication.

What is your rhythm like? With af mine is very bumpy but I also take rhythm controlling meds.


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