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Hi everyone, I am new to this site, my wife signed me up to it. A few years ago, I was suffering with breathlessness, and feeling tired and having no energy. Basically, my get up and go, got up and went!! Then one day when I finished work, I decided to pop into A&E as the hospital is only a few minutes from work. I was admitted, my hear rate was absolutely running wild. They kept me in for just over a week, then allowed me home. But I was back in there a few more times.

Everything eventually seemed to be fine after that. We went on holiday September 2016 to Zante in Greece. But after a short time, I was really struggling when walking. I ended up at the medical centre, and then admitted to hospital. The stay in Zante went over by a week. When we got back home, we went straight to my GP who said my heart was beating 140 bpm. Back into hospital, had a cardio version, where they stop the heart and give an electric shock to get the heart back into regular rythm. Later I had an ablasion and all seemed good. But recently I have been having problems with my heart racing. It is so scary.

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Hello and welcome we all have AF amongst other things. Have you been diagnosed with it? If so don't be too scared we all are in the beginning. Look at info on AF association and digest it to help you make informed decisions and ask questions. We are not medically trained so specifics should be to whoever care you are under. Ask away and we will try and help on general issues. If you have AF ask about anticoagulants and referrals to appropriate consultants good luck


I to am new. Recently diagnosed myself. Sounds scary. Could stress be a factor in it? Are you taking any medicine for it? I have read some do.


Hi cooperman

Scary it is. But only until you get your AF sorted out, get explanations and inform yourself.

We are here to back up your Arrhythmia nurse, EP, Cardio and GP, who are the only ones who can diagnose and treat you. And to support you.

How recent was your ablation? Read up about the so called blanking period after ablation, when arrhythmias are common and are not necessarily indicative of ablation failure. 3-4 months blanking typically.

Which anticoagulant are you on, any other meds?

Questions? Fire away.

Right now ring the arrhythmia nurse.


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