Does life go on?

Does life go on?

After spending the last six days going 1700 miles between my 96 year-old Mum (TIA) and my sister (very serious stroke 11 days ago) today, my little love, my faithful companion who kept me company on my walks to keep fit, died under the wheels of a bus. My lovely daughter and son-in-law who were walking her are utterly traumatised and tonight I removed the Christmas wreath from the front door.

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  • Yes it does Irene. We have no choice. You are obviously and understandably very sad at this difficult time. So much of your life has changed so quickly.

    Try to remember all the good things that went before. Embrace your family and friends and let them tender to you. There will be good times again. This will pass.

    You need to look after yourself. To be strong for your family in the future, you may need to slow down now and let others take the strain for a while. Otherwise your own health may suffer.

  • You must now change to positives - you probably have excellent genes with a mother of 97. Your sister has survived her stroke. You have a lovely daughter, you are able to manage a 1700 mile journey ...............

    I realise that this may seem hollow now, but I envy your memory of your dog (I never even had one), your relationship with your sister (my only brother died last year aged 64), your visit to your mother (mine died aged 77).

  • Hard luck Irene, loosing a best friend like that is truly awful. It can happen to anyone with dogs (or cats, especially cats). Your relatives should not feel responsible. My sheep dog collie is so clever, but with traffic she's just totally stupid, doesn't seem to see any danger at all.

    Your dog had a great life with all the walks and the way you obviously loved him/her. That's the main thing. We've had quite a few TIA's and other things happen in our family all at once; funny how things seem to come along together like buses! Very often at Christmas as well or is it just me?

    Look after yourself.


  • I am so sorry. You really didn't deserve that.

    After my beloved Woolypup, Jenny, died of spleen cancer I planted a tree. The Jenny Tree is a constant reminder of her and it's good to see that it's flourishing.

    I do hope that 2018 will be a better year for you.

  • Irene, I'm so sorry to hear about your dear dog. My heart sank with sorrow as I read your post. You have every right to feel dreadfully sad right now and don't let anyone tell you otherwise! A dog is as much a part of your family as any human member and they give their trust to us completely which makes us love them more.

    For now do what is natural and grieve, shed tears for your lovely loyal friend in the knowledge that this is the normal thing to do.

    However be aware that you can't grieve for ever, although the pain will always be there it will gradually ease.

    When we were all young my brother was killed in a car accident. I can tell you I cried for ages (natural) but then one day I thought to myself, who are you feeling sorry for? The answer of course was 'myself'. With that in mind I was able to accept what had happened, stop my constant self pity and move on with my life. However, you are not at this stage yet but you will one day in a few months time feel more able to cope with your loss.

    Honestly, I feel your hurt now and I could weep with you. That was a truly awful thing to happen. I can't take your pain away right now, but up ahead there is light at the end of the tunnel I assure you.

    Big hug, my friend.

    Jean x

  • Irene I know the pain of losing a pet all too well but life does go on. I have a number of wooden cats containing the ashes of my past friends and they are a constant reminder of the pleasure I gained from them all.

    Remember the good times . Don't be afraid to cry as this is an important part of grieving but do carry on and be strong for those who now still need you.

  • So sad for you. It's an awful time you are going through, bless you. X

  • Irene - I’m so sorry to read about your beautiful friend. The pain and grief are dreadful and the only comfort I could ever find was that ‘pain is the price we pay for love’.

    Try to concentrate on the highlights and fun of your dog’s life - such a lovely soul.

  • Hi Irene

    I am truly so sorry to hear about your loss. It’s absolutely heartbreaking when we lose our best companion. I truly know how you are feeling. I also lost my little dog 🐶 nearly 4 years ago now very unexpectedly and it really broke my heart 💔. It is very difficult in the beginning but as time goes on you will remember all the good things about him/her. I still miss my lovely little soul mate every day but in away that it’s all the good things that he use to do. I have another little dog called Ziggi and he is completely different from my Harvey but just as loveable. Just remember that he/she had a very wonderful life with you and I think that will help you get through this very sad time. Love and hugs to you sweetie. 🐾🐾🐶🤗🤗🤗xxx

  • Oh, such a big blow just when things have been so upturned. But it is the third thing, Irene. May the tide turn now and these unwelcome events in your life cease - and may life go on more smoothly..

  • So so sorry to hear this 😢they are like part of the family and always there for us . My thoughts are with you , what a beautiful little dog . Got tears in my eyes heart breaking for you 😞xxx

  • 'The people that walked in darkness have seen a great light' - that's you Irene, so I hope you'll put the wreath back. Your sorrow reminds us of the true meaning of Christmas, amongst other things hope for healing of the sick and brokenhearted. All the caring posts above show people, whether religious or not, live by that. Grieve as much as you need to but please don't despair 💕

  • Oh Irene. I am so sorry for your loss. It is devastating to lose a pet as it is a family member. My thought and prayers are with you and all your family. Anne x

  • I am so moved and comforted by all your responses. Thank you so much.

  • Dear Irene,

    I am dropping in, belatedly, to offer my empathetic and heart-wrenching condolences for the loss of your four-legged-fur-friend.

    After your reply to my sympathy post, I sought you out. It took me a bit to navigate through "Does Life Go On," and the compassionate support shared therein. The first word that popped into my head after reading of your travails, was 'resilience.' Your story birthed a deeper meaning of that word for me.

    Visitors to our households over many years' time, leave with the knowledge that pet hair is considered an accessory. :) Each loss of a beloved pet was felt deeply by all.

    I gazed at the picture of your beloved, departed companion and saw this: deep, dark well-groomed coat, perfectly trimmed nails, trusted, fearless eyes not seen in those who have been physically or emotionally mistreated (whether four-legged or two). Even the coverlets match the carpets! Well done, my dear, well done. In reference to The Legend of the made a difference in the life of that one!!

    Making a difference as well to others in your family, it would seem. I sincerely hope all are on the upswing, yourself included.



  • So sorry for your lost. May your memories bring you some comfort.

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