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This is such a great site when you forget to ask your cardio a question and your next visit is next year. Plus thanks to all the volunteers. I have a query which I'm sure has been covered previously, but . . . . has anyone been on Digoxin long term ie several years or more? I have tried to get off it by increasing the metoprolol but it seems my heart needs a two pronged approach to keep it under 100.

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  • I have been on Digoxin for at least 5 years. I can not take beta blockers , I have horrible side effects with most other heart rhythm drugs but luckily Digoxin is ok.

    In reply to the person with the persistent cough,, I wonder if she/ he is on Ramipril?

  • Thanks for your reply. It gives me hope that I can stay on it longer too.

  • I’ve just come off Digoxin after 14 years when reading about research from Denmark and USA re cancer in post menopausal women. Marked increase in cancer for women taking Digoxin.

  • Oh, that's not what I want to hear! But thanks for the info,

  • I have been on Digoxin for about 10 years and have had little problem. I also cannot take beta blockers. Hope all goes well.

  • Thanks, I have only been on for a year, so hopefully I can keep on for a while longer,

  • I have been on digoxin since I was born (31 years) had it stopped in September as I'm taking bisoprolol for af and cardiologist said I don't need both.

  • Digoxin, I was on it for two years but have stopped now due to having a succesful cryogenic ablation followed by a cardioversion, resulting in my being in NSR now. I had no problems with it and it stood me in good stead as I had severe problems with beta blockers. I shall stop my Amioderone Nov 30th. This leaves me with Riveroxaban and Diltiazem for slight hypertension. I had my ablation at Leeds with Dr Pepper an EP, recommended.

  • Some times reading all this information is anti productive.. How do others feel?

  • I've only been on it for one year but I take a beta blocker too. I took Diltiazem for six months before they switched me to the beta blocker. Now I need to ask why!

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